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Dan and Veryan Bradshaw

Joseph and Charlotte van Caldenborgh

Liesbeth and René Citröen-Warners

Duncan and Donatella Geddes

Michael and Alessandra Griffiths

Andrea and Flavia Morante

Jan Maarten and Marie Pauline de Jong

Tijo and Cristina van Marle

Eric and Anthea Ossentjuk



Gonzalo and Dolores Aguilar

Sir Win and Lady Rosemary Bischoff

Robert and Simone Benaim

Fritz and Valeria Herminghaus

David and Jill Hinde

Wouter and Annemarie Hoek de Vries

Jane and Stuart Hunter-Cox

Sir Peter and Lady Jenks

Eric and Ellen Krenning

Harmen and Hetty van Otterloo

Barbara Lady Poole

Annelies Troost

Carol and Genevieve van Wontergheim



Corso and Jaqueline Aloisi de Larderel

Beth and Victor Brombert

Marita Bruins-Stassen

Daniel and Kathleen Cardon de Lichtbuer

Thecla Clark

Pierre and Veronica Comyn Kernëis

Caterina Corsini

Mary Foreman

Alan French

Alastair and Carol Gavin

Ferdinando Guicciardini

Penelope Jardine

Fred and Maria Lachotzki-Meyer

Anna Montecchi Maccaferri

Moira Macfarlane

Maria and Craig Mitri Smith

Melanie van Ogtrop

Hermione Osborne

Susan Pitcher-Flaccomio

Maggie Redfern

Keith and Helen Richmond

Pierluigi Rossi Ferrini

Arthur Sturgess

Eva e Fabrizio Tozzi

Frances Lady Wolverton


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