For centuries, Italy has been the recognised cultural focal point of the arts, music and lifestyle. The famous Florentine Medici family, from the 14th Century onwards, were serious patrons of the arts and by the 16th Century The Grand Tour of France to Italy served as an educational rite of passage. Then, in 1908, when E.M Forster wrote a "Room with a View" he emphasized the attraction of Florence with its excitement of the arts, music, life and politics. Not a lot has changed since then. From Palestrina to Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach and Chopin, through to such contemporary luminaries as Piazzolla and Philip Glass, their music and the great classics have been performed in Florence , which remains a centre point of the classical music world. Enthused by all of this, Airdrie Armstrong Terenghi, living in Tuscany, determined in 2003, that a Classic Music Festival featuring young and highly accomplished performers from around the world should be established at Linari which is in the heart of Tuscany. And so, the Linari Classic Music Festival, backed by patrons, sponsors, enthusiastic donors and friends was created and successfully launched.

Festival founder and Artistic Director Airdrie Armstrong Terenghi

There can be no doubt that there are other Classic Music Festivals held in the Tuscan Summer, however the Linari Festival does have a distinct character and quality of its own. Linari is a 10th century hilltop town with a long record of historical events and battles and surrounded by Romanesque Churches, Villas, Castles and quintessentially beautiful landscapes . Since 2003, the Linari Festival has expanded its vistas to encompass the glorious areas and settings of the renowned Chianti Classico region of Tuscany. Young musicians, who have become renowned artists continue to return to the musical summers of Linari. Others, finding their way to fame, come to Linari to exhibit their skills and talents.


Linari Countryside

Patronage is an inherent factor of this Festival. Sponsors, members, friends, all contribute in such a way as to support the Arts and foster the talents of young accomplished artists while, at the same time, enjoying the wonderful music performed in glorious settings on pleasant Tuscan summer evenings. It's idyllic. The Linari Classic Music Festival would welcome new sponsors, donors and members as friends of Linari. Such help would provide the support so often needed by young artists who are finding their way in the world of music. It will also bolster the capabilities of Airdrie, the Linari Artistic Director and Joris van Rijn the Musical Director to further the performance excellence of this musical gem in the heart of Tuscany. If you have an interest in becoming a friend of Linari, contact us here.

Linari Classic Patrons

Maria Tipo
The internationally renowned Italian pianist and teacher, has won many awards and has performed in all the major musical centres in Europe, as well as in the USA, Central and South America, Africa, Japan and the Middle East . "Scoprire il festival Linari Classic e stata per me una bellissima sorpresa. L'eccellente unione fra musicisti di alto livello e programmi ricercati, insieme a personalita ed entusiasmo, fanno del Linari Classic uno dei più interessanti festival di musica da camera nel panorama musicale internazionale"

Pietro Horvath
A Linari Patron for a number of years, the internationally acclaimed Pietro Horvath held the position of First Violin of the Maggio Musicale, Florence, under the baton of the renowned conductor Zubin Mehta. In addition, he has been the conductor and concert master of the Solisti Fiorentini, and has also played with the Cologne Symphony Orchestra, and the Bach Soloists of Monaco.

Stephen McIntyre, AM
Acclaimed as one of Australia's most eminent pianists and teachers. He worked in France and Italy with Nadia Boulanger, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and Guido Agosti. His cycle of the complete piano music of Ravel won the National Critics Award. He was the Artistic Director of the Port Fairy Music Festival in Australia from 2005 to 2009. In 2003 he was the recipient of the Sir Bernard Heinze award for distinguished contribution to music in Australia and in 2007 he was made a member of the Order of Australia (AM).

Prof. Andrea Hull, AO
Former head of the Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne University " The Linari Festival is an exquisite jewel of an experience, combining the finest music by a cohort of brilliant international musicians, and sublime fayre in beautiful intimate venues in the Tuscan countryside"