Linari Classic Music Festival 2016


The highly acclaimed Linari Classic Music Festival held in Tuscany every summer has an international following of music-lovers who come to hear world-class musicians play in beautiful settings between Florence and Siena. The nature of the concerts, the profile of the audience, the extraordinary venues and the media coverage, make the Linari Festival an excellent opportunity for corporate promotion or entertaining. A number of sponsorship possibilities are available ranging from single concert sponsorship to partnerships for the entire Festival:

• Branding on all Linari Classic Music Festival documents and communications throughout the year of sponsorship
• Prime placement of Corporate Logo/Identity on front page of the Season Programme
• A full page for discretionary use in the Season Programme
• Special positioning of sponsor’s logo on Linari Classic Website with link to sponsor’s home page, and an additional page allocation
• Verbal acknowledgement at each concert
• Opportunity to install exclusive corporate banner at each concert
• Possibility to display promotional material at all concerts & dinners
• Dedicated editorial in press pack
• 4 complimentary invitations for each concert & dinner of the Festival
• Unlimited number of Season Programmes

• Corporate Logo/Identity in the Season Programme
• Half page for discretionary use in the Season Programme
• Logo on all concert promotion materials
• Logo on Linari Classic Website
• Opportunity to display promotional material at concerts & dinners
• Logo on easel sign at entrance to concerts
• Verbal acknowledgement at each concert
• Inclusion in press pack
• 2 complimentary invitations per concert
• An agreed number of Season Programmes

• Exclusive branding on the selected Concert programme
• Logo on the selected Concert promotion materials
• Logo on Linari Classic Website home page and feature on concert sponsored
• Opportunity to display promotional material at the concert & dinner
• Corporate banner at the entrance to the concert sponsored
• Verbal acknowledgement at the concert
• Inclusion in press pack / press interview
• 4 complimentary invitations to the concert

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Dan and Veryan Bradshaw

Joseph and Charlotte van Caldenborgh

Liesbeth and René Citröen-Warners

Duncan and Donatella Geddes

Michael and Alessandra Griffiths

Andrea and Flavia Morante

Jan Maarten and Marie Pauline de Jong

Tijo and Cristina van Marle

Eric and Anthea Ossentjuk



Gonzalo and Dolores Aguilar

Sir Win and Lady Rosemary Bischoff

Robert and Simone Benaim

Fritz and Valeria Herminghaus

David and Jill Hinde

Wouter and Annemarie Hoek de Vries

Jane and Stuart Hunter-Cox

Sir Peter and Lady Jenks

Eric and Ellen Krenning

Harmen and Hetty van Otterloo

Barbara Lady Poole

Annelies Troost

Carol and Genevieve van Wontergheim



Corso and Jaqueline Aloisi de Larderel

Beth and Victor Brombert

Marita Bruins-Stassen

Daniel and Kathleen Cardon de Lichtbuer

Thecla Clark

Pierre and Veronica Comyn Kernëis

Caterina Corsini

Mary Foreman

Alan French

Alastair and Carol Gavin

Ferdinando Guicciardini

Penelope Jardine

Fred and Maria Lachotzki-Meyer

Anna Montecchi Maccaferri

Moira Macfarlane

Maria and Craig Mitri Smith

Melanie van Ogtrop

Hermione Osborne

Susan Pitcher-Flaccomio

Maggie Redfern

Keith and Helen Richmond

Pierluigi Rossi Ferrini

Arthur Sturgess

Eva e Fabrizio Tozzi

Frances Lady Wolverton


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Associazione Culturale Linari Classic

Strada di Linari, 58

50021 - Barberino Val d'Elsa (FI)

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Terms & Conditions

On-line booking is not a ticket pre-sale. Once it is booked, one can collect them at the entrance.
If one has not paid in advance, one can purchase the concert tickets at the entrance.
One can change or cancel the booking 48 hours before the event. In case there are no places available for the request, Linari Classic has the right not to accept.
In case of cancellation within 10 days of the event, one will be charged 5% of the price for expenses.
If one does not attend and has made a booking without cancelling, one will be charged the full amount.
If one has paid in advance and cancelled before 48 hours, the full amount will be reimbursed at the end of the Festival.


Associazione Culturale LINARI CLASSIC
Strada di Linari, 58
50021 Barberino Val d’Elsa (FI) – Italia
Codice Fiscale: 94105670486 – Partita IVA: 05655210481

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Associazione Culturale LINARI CLASSIC
Strada di Linari, 58
50021 Barberino Val d’Elsa (FI) – Italia
Codice Fiscale: 94105670486 – Partita IVA: 05655210481

Associazione Culturale operante in regime di cui alla Legge n. 398/91
Iscritta all’Albo delle Associazioni dell’Unione Comunale del Chianti Fiorentino



Torre di Grignano

torre grignano location2

The foundations of Torre di Grignano are Roman. However those were destroyed in the 12th century and the present buildings date from the 14th century. The position of the Torre was strategically important as it has a view over one of the few bridges of the river Pesa, the border between the province of Florence and the province of Siena. As a result of the many battles between the Florentines and the Sienese the ownership of the Torre changed hands regularly between those two feuding parties. More recently it was a farm till the previous owner, the British author, Raymond Flower bought the castle in 1964. The present occupants have owned the Torre di Grignano since 1997.


Castello di Volpaia

Volpaia is a small fortified village in Tuscany, Italy, referred to as a 'castello' in Italian - Castello di Volpaia. Its main claim to historical fame is as the home town of the della Volpaia family of clock and instrument makers. Volpaia retains a great deal of its original architecture and has been attractively restored. It is well worth a visit for those interested in the traditional architecture of early Tuscany.
For more information on the Castello di Volpaia, visit


Pieve Sant'Appiano


The earliest records of the church at Sant'Appiano date back to the 10th century, situated in the area around Barberino Val d'Elsa. The beautiful church itself is flanked by the impressive architectural remains of the baptistry, creating a stunning visual entrance to the chapel. The church itself, built in early Romanesque times with a nave and two aisles with apses, a raised altar and crypt below, now looks like the result of a stratification of many architectural transformations. The original part of the church can still be picked out in the left aisle, cut through by five crossings, four of which have set-back arches that rest on solid square pilasters.
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Castello della Paneretta


The Paneretta castle is situated in the Chianti Classico area on the western slopes of the dominating hills of the Elsa valley, looking towards San Gimignano. It was built around an ancient sighting tower. The morning after the battle from Montaperti, the “Ghibellini” ordered to leave the castle of Cepparello in 1260. This place was an important suburb and fortress of this area. So the sighting tower becomes bigger and reaches its importance. The first owners of the castle were the family Vettori, the last heir, Maddalena, brought it as dowry to her wedding with Ludovico Capponi in 1577. The couple restored the castle completely and commissioned Bernardino Poccetti, important manner painter, to fresco the loggia of the court. In this era the Paneretta became a place of passing by for painters and poets, one of those, Gerolamo Muzio, dedicated a poem to the castle and remained here until his death. Also the production of wine is documented from 1596 on. In 1696, Cassandra Capponi brought the castle an important collection of codex’s parchments and books into her marriage with the Marchese Carlo Riccardi Strozzi. This collection formed the nucleus of the Riccardian library in Florence. The Strozzi family remained owner of the castle until 1984, in this year, the family Albisetti took over. With its 309 hectares (majority wood) the Paneretta is one of the biggest farms of the area, producing 900 hectolitres of wine from 26 hectares of vineyards.
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Borgo Pignano

Borgo Pignano

Borgo Pignano is an elegant, award-winning retreat in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, near the historic towns of Volterra and San Gimignano and the medieval cities of Florence and Siena. At the centre of this 750-acre organic estate is a hamlet that dates back to Etruscan times and a magnificent 18th century villa. Today this beautifully restored country estate offers warm and gracious hospitality in a tranquil setting with luminous views that can extend to the Mediterranean, seventy miles away.

Associazione Culturale operante in regime di cui alla Legge n. 398/91
Iscritta all’Albo delle Associazioni dell’Unione Comunale del Chianti Fiorentino